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MORE The company has raw material restructuring, multi-station cold forming, advanced high-speed stamping, CNC automatic car system, heat treatment, electroplating and other production processes.

We don’t make exaggerated propaganda, just let the facts appear.

Production advantage

    Excellent equipment

  • The use of sophisticated and excellent processing equipment ensures that the machining accuracy of each machine meets the specified requirements;
  • With a long history and continuous training, the pass rate of each product is guaranteed to be more excellent;
  • Sophisticated materials and regular material testing ensure that the raw materials used in each product are fine.

Quality advantage

    Quality inspection strict quality assurance

  • Ruichuang has an experienced technical team dedicated to providing customers with better products;
  • Ruichuang has a prominent team dedicated to manufacturing products in the industry. Each process has a special person to guide and the strength is guaranteed;
  • A variety of testing tools and a rigorous inspection process to ensure that no defective products are shipped.

service advantage

    Perfect after-sales service

  • Adequate inventory and excellent management system to ensure rapid response service capabilities;
  • Exquisite technology, timely technical advice and guidance services;
  • Special handling of emergency orders to protect the interests of users;
  • Perfect logistics distribution center, the products are sold all over the world;
  • Enterprises adhering to the "order user, user emperor" purpose.

Business advantage

    Focus on the details, honest and trustworthy

  • Establishing offices in all parts of the country, Japan, Europe and the United States, providing one-to-one supporting services directly to customers. In order to localize Chinese fasteners and contribute to the development of China's fastener industry, the company has become a non-standard in China. Special-shaped fasteners are good dealers and struggle!

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Years of focus on fastener production and sales experience will pursue quality as a habit, never give up and coexist with quality/p> +more